Neoprene and Steel – Barnyard Wetsuit Prisoner

I finally got a chance to spend time in my new Huub wetsuit by force. It’s a good job I got the thermal one, cos that barn was cold. The wetsuit is awesome, fits every curve so perfectly – and the neoprene smells good once it warms up and gets a bit of sweat going… unf.

I love the metal too, I’m a huge fan of Parus collars and restraints – they’re so fucking heavy, and just fit so well. The spiked collar was an absolute bastard though, laying on the floor it’s almost impossible to get comfortable as you can’t rest. I was left on the floor chained to the wall, and dragged myself slowly over to keep myself warm in a sunbeam, but it wasn’t a restful time – all I could do was wait for his return.

Wetsuit: Huub Aerious II Thermal 3.5 triathlon suit from

Steel owned by Firebravo

Photos by Firebravo

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