Diary of a chastity dom joining #teamlocked

SwitchLDN in chastity featured image
SwitchLDN on first day of chastity
SwitchLDN on day one, wearing a Kink3D Cobra R

Chastity is something I’ve long held an interest in. I’ve had my mutt under lock and key throughout 2022, and I’ve always enjoyed the sight of my husband locked by his own dom for the last year. With that, I want to try it myself. As a switch I follow a principle that whatever I dish out, I should be able to take, and if mutt can do 28 weeks, I’m sure I could do it for a bit. Right?!

This isn’t the first time I’ve locked my dick up, I tried it about 15 years ago with an uncomfortable cage that pinched, chafed and ultimately broke when my dick got too hard. It was bulky, it was ugly and it was not the one.

Meanwhile, mutt has been locked in a Kink3D Cobra and it couldn’t be any more different. It looks and feels great, and sized perfectly to his dick. As a result, he launched straight into seven chaste months after a life of entirely uninterrupted dick access. Proud. If I was going to give it a go again, it’d be in a Cobra.

Luckily a local switchy friend has one too, and in the right size! Perfect! So I borrowed it and locked it on that evening.

Day 1: June 7th – So it begins

Oh. Oh wow. Well I wasn’t quite expecting… that. Fun new headspaces emerged, libido skyrocketed. I’ve been quite open about the fact my horn has basically flatlined in recent months, which was another aspect as to why I thought I’d give chastity a go, I mean- if I’m not using my dick anyway, how hard can it be? Well, I can definitely say I wanted to use my dick. Like, REALLY.

SwitchLDN Day two chastity - shaved

Day 2: June 8th – This is EASY

That terrible first night in chastity people talk about? Nah. It was fine! Strained a bit on waking, but on the whole it was manageable, the solid cage between my legs made laying in my usual positions awkward though. One thing I did note was that I definitely needed to trim, hair wasn’t catching but it did contribute to some discomfort. So out came the clippers, and since I was feeling suitably submissive in mind, I buzzed off some more body hair too at the same time.

I was already loving the idea of getting my own device, which started what would become numerous weeks of endlessly second guessing myself on what cage and ring size combination I’d want. This cage was an R with a 4 ring – my inkling is that I wanted a smaller cage, but maybe the ring was probably correct already.

I also may have gotten a bit horny and agreed to hand the key over at some point in the coming days. Oops. Though I quickly found an issue with this. Kink3D’s key barrels are ALL keyed-alike, and I found I could use mutt’s key to unlock this device too. Luckily my friend I borrowed from (my prospective keyholder along with his BF) had some other key barrels from Wish, so we agreed to switch it out when it came to the day. If like me you’re already a keyholder, you might wanna do the same otherwise you’ll end up owning your own key.

Day 3: June 9th – Shit gets real

Alright fine, the second night was not as plain sailing. 4am wake-ups, something I’d become all too familiar with in the coming days. Waking up to your dick trying to rip your balls off while you try think unsexy thoughts. SUCH FUN.

The subby thoughts were definitely building though. I had a delivery earlier in the day of one of those clicker counters, intending to use it to set up a deep-throat training rig for my sub. In the meantime, I had to give it a go. It was fucking hot, and fucking brutal attached to my F-Machine.

Today I also mentioned to my friend that I was intending to have a play session the following week so if I was going to hand over the key that I’d like to be unlocked for that at least. He disagreed. Hmm.

Day 4: June 10th – Handing over the keys and fuuuuuuu-

3am wake-up this time, damnit. Had a quick unlock in the morning to check for chafing and a proper clean – everything looking fine. Excellent. Hopefully that morning strain calms off eventually!

After re-securing I dropped the keys with my keyholders at lunchtime.


Pretty much as soon as I got home I got the vibe and poppers out to take stock of my situation in an appropriate manner. Then it was on to seeing my mate for drinks in the sunshine, with a noticeable new shape to my shorts. I divulged my new status to him after a few drinks, he’s one of my longest known friends and also a dommy fucker.

After a significant amount more booze, I found myself at his flat. A bit more booze later and I was in just cap, cage and nikes laid across him- huffing poppers and getting unbelievably worked up about my situation. I didn’t have control of my own dick! What. The. FUCK! 

He loved every moment, while I felt a whole bunch of new headspaces and confidence in myself.

Yeah, I get the hype and I could TOTALLY get used to this. I NEED my own cage, asap.

SwitchLDN with nipple clamps locked to cage

Day 5: June 11th – AHHHHHH

Another day, another ridiculous amount of subby horn to deal with. Strapped myself to the f-machine for more throat destruction again, after doing that til I could take no more, I worked out a fun new way to vibe. I realised I could use a little padlock to run the chain of my nipple clamps through, and attach to the cage. I could then use the vibe on the cage and also the chain, pulled taut as I sit up on my knees. Poppers in a gasmask, and I had my first ruined orgasm. Mannnn.

Day 6: June 12th – It’s the little things

Went for a pub lunch with my husband and our friends/my keyholders – I said something insulting in the car. ‘That’s a week onto your sentence’ came back the reply from one of our friends, to a laugh around the car. Unnf. Damnit.

Day 7: June 13th – Kink shopping while locked is a terrible and expensive idea

A lovely friend came to visit us from France on the Monday, and I said I’d take him to Regulation. Total damage: one pair of elasticated rubber joggers and a vinyl suit. Decided against a rubber hood though, as much as I loved it.

Day 9: June 15th – oop.

Bought the hood. The cage made me do it.

SwitchLDN in sleep sack and electro

Day 10: June 16th – First time subbing while locked

This day had been on my mind for quite some time. I was presented with the key in a lockbox so I could take it with me to the session. As much as I wanted my dick free, I would be locked for at least some of it. A very new experience for me!

It was a particularly intense session, pushing my limits and absolutely hammering me with poppers. In rubber on a hot night and in heavy bondage, I was sweating buckets. Alas this did lead to my first ball-slip partway through the session. Luckily for me though, instead of correcting it he decided instead to take the cage off. FREEDOM! For the first time in over a week, I was getting hard.

As we’re both switches I then got my own back, and after nine days of relentless horn and no release, I wasn’t going to be nice. I unleashed electro hell and a bunch of other horrible things. Excellent. Once we were all done and aftercare had been delivered, I was offered the chance to cum. FINALLY. A blissful and intense NOS fuelled orgasm later, I crashed happily next to him for the night. Since my balls had been abused repeatedly and heavily, the cage stayed off for the night to recover.

Day 12: June 18th – Choosing my own new dick

SwitchLDN with strap-on harness

So it’s important to note that my keyholder throughout this is a subby fucker. He’s a switch, but very much the opposite end of the scale from me. Today he decided he wanted to sub to his locked dom, so he came over.

I’ve been a long time fan of cagedjock’s content online, and I loved the idea of being a cocky as fuck locked dom. So ahead of his arrival, I fashioned myself a strap-on harness with three cargo straps and a cockring.

Now, I get to choose myself a new, much bigger dick. So I slid my Doc Johnson 10” into the ring, and well… fuck. That suits me pretty damn well I’d say.

My keyholder arrived and he got to work, sucking and licking my caged dick. I then put the harness on, and proceeded to throatfuck him pretty brutally, pulling him onto my new dick with the lead I’d attached to his collar.

After this I decided the best thing for him to do was to also test out the f-machine setup I’d recently been enjoying myself. Needless to say it was fucking hot to watch, drool pouring everywhere.

Locked dom long-term… hmm, yeah I can get on board with that.

I didn’t get off during the session, so the afternoon ended up being spent wearing my new vinyl suit and some rubber while cleaning up the playroom. It became an absolute sweat-fest. Unnf.

SwitchLDN with strap on, chest harness, collar, cap, adidas socks and nike airs facing camera
SwitchLDN with strap on, chest harness, collar, cap, adidas socks and nike airs

Day 13 – June 19th – Chastercise

Throughout the last week or so, I’ve been instructed to go for runs with my keyholder. The reward? I get an hour or so unlocked! Today was the third run, 5.5km – felt great. It’s certainly a great way to get me out of the door.

After I got back I was feeling pumped, so I got my new dick out again and took some pics.

I feel so fucking good in this gear, and once I got jacking my new dick there was a truly crazy sensation. When I lubed it up and started cock polishing, I was getting the feeling in my caged dick that I was doing it to that instead. It made me shiver, it made me pre-cum, even though I wasn’t even touching it. It was like I’d tricked my brain, and holy FUCK it was hot.

Day 19 – June 25th – Training with an audience

It was a Saturday morning, I had the place to myself and I was still a locked horny fuck, so I was planning a day of hole training after literal months of putting nothing inside me. I receive a message from my KH, he wants to be objectified or ignored for a while. Perfect.

Cue an afternoon of him chained to my restraint wall, blindfolded and helpless – forced to listen to me taking the largest toys I’ve ever managed (a medium Twisted Beast Bael in case you’re wondering) – I definitely found having him there seemed to make me go further, but the frankly stupid amount of poppers I huffed also helped. Taunting him with describing in detail what I was doing, and asking if he wanted to see – deliciously good fun. I was having way too much fun and covered in way too much lube to take any pics…

Day 20 – June 26th – 10k

Ran my first 10k in five years. This forced exercise thing works pretty damn well. Dick locked back up after we finished, and key placed into lockbox ahead of fun plans to follow.

Day 21 – June 27th – Role reversal with mutt

This was always going to be an interesting experience. Both my mutt and I are switchy to varying degrees, and I’m keen to train up his alpha dog side just as much as I want him to really push his limits as a sub too. Arrangements had been made regarding lockbox codes, and he held the power.

To make it all the more headfucky we also mutually agreed that today would also be the day that we switch him out from his chastity and back to training his balls up with his heavy metal stretcher. He wore it for a whole year 24/7/365 prior to me locking his dick up, unfortunately the two together weren’t viable as it caused too much chafing… so today, the cage would be on the other dick.

He really revelled in getting to be a bit of a bastard to me, which was great to see – and he makes an incredibly hot alpha. Of course, the natural order had to be restored eventually, and we switched back – although I remained locked.

Not for long though, through a series of brutal suffocations and tortures, I extracted the lockbox code from him. Freedom once more.

After I made him cum, I left him in the sling to sleep for the night while I enjoyed my dick in bed.

mutt bound in sling having been tortured

Day 22 – June 28th – Time for a break

I had borrowed a 3 ring from mutt to try out, I tested this the next morning. Alas it very quickly became clear that it was going to be too small and chafe somewhat. At least now I knew for sure.

I also noted that I was getting a bit of edema (lymph swelling) in my dick, maybe this cage was slightly too tight. Maybe I needed the wide one?

I took the cage off to let my dick recover, and as I didn’t actually cum the previous night, I got myself off.

SwitchLDN in chastity and harness
SwitchLDN in the Cobra R (haven’t taken any photos in the S+ yet!)

Since then I’ve had some time off from chastity, but I have now received my shiny new cage. Following some super helpful advice from Yoshi at Kink3D, I narrowed down what I needed.

In the post came my nice new S+ Wide cage, with two rings – a regular 4, and a 4XD, which was thicker and would help with the cage slip problem I’d had previously, and perhaps even prevent the night time straining.

We’ve had some hot nights lately and sleeping has been a struggle, that plus getting married and the marathon of Fetish Week London nights has meant I haven’t really wanted my dick locked lately. I put it back on during the day in the run up to the parties, but when I’m already waking up because of the heat, I don’t need more reasons!

The weather is getting cooler again, and my new AirBolt Bluetooth lock just arrived, so I can start using a remote lockbox, just as I’d been using with mutt for the last many months.

It’s been a really enjoyable experience so far, but one that I love the most when I’m in it. When I’m out, I don’t want it back on. Right now I’m locked back up but holding my own key for now, and this evening I gave myself my first intentional caged proper orgasm, just to see how pleasurable it could be. Needless to say, it doesn’t feel as good as when I’m unlocked and rock hard – and I guess that’s all just part of it and the sacrifice a locked boy makes!

I’m just at the start of this journey, but I’m really excited to explore further how I can make chastity part of my life, both as dom and sub.