Switch London’s gear list


I’ve been collecting gear since my first dog collar back in 2002. I’ve now got whole bloody playroom full, but there’s no chance I’m stopping anytime soon… I’ve got far too much on my shopping list!

last updated March 2023




  • [Invincible] M2M, Enforcer full suit, shoulder entry, orange/grey/black
  • [STR] MXT, full suit with nipple zips, shoulder entry, 2” collar, black
  • [Latex 101] M2M, full suit with nipple zips, neck entry, blue/silver
  • [Latex 101] M2M, contrast singlet, neck entry, metallic red/trans black
  • [Latex 101] M2M, sleeveless full suit, front zip entry, peacock/silver
  • [Libidex] M, surfsuit, front zip entry, black/yellow/light blue
  • [Libidex] L, surfsuit, rear zip entry, red/white/black custom design
  • [Libidex] M, surfsuit, front zip entry, silver/blue
  • [Libidex] M, full suit with attached socks, front zip entry, black/silver/yellow
  • [Libidex] M, wrestling suit, front zip entry, black/purple/teal
  • [Regulation] M, sleeveless surf suit, front zip entry, black/red

Other rubber:

  • [Regulation] L, biker jacket, black w/ yellow stripes
  • [Regulation] L, elasticated jogging bottom, black w/ white stripes
  • [Latex 101] M, long sleeve crew neck t-shirt, red
  • [Latex 101] M, sleeveless hoody, black w/ white stripe
  • [Latex 101] L, textured ultimate shorts, black
  • [Latex 101] L, ultimate shorts, silver w/ black band
  • [Best Dressed Latex] M2M, leggings, black w/ pink stripe
  • [Blackstyle] M, short sleeve crew neck t-shirt, black w/ blue stripe
  • [Fetish Freak] L, jock, black w/ yellow stripe
  • [self made] M2M, sleeveless vest, black
Before shot of the rubber singlet, prior to being treated with the rubber cleaner
Wrestling suit
Long sleeve tee
SLDN in shoulder zip cycle suit from Latex 101
Old Suit

  • [AS Supplies] M2M, one piece ‘Chaos’ racing leathers, fully leather lined, through-zips, black
  • [Master U] M2M, horsehide trousers, black w/ white stripe
  • [Fetish Freak] M, napa shirt, black
  • [Bolongaro Trevor] M, classic biker jacket, black
  • [Frank Thomas] MT, One piece racing leathers, white/green
  • [Unknown] M, biker jacket, black/green
  • [Aviatrix] L, retro biker jacket, black/tan
  • [Fetish Freak] XL, garrison cap, white piping
  • [Fetish Freak] L, shorts, black/red stripe
  • [Mr Riegillio] M, biker jacket, red/black/white
  • [Mr Riegillio] L, t-shirt, red/black/white
  • [Mr Riegillio] M, vest, black w/yellow and white stripe
  • [Mr Riegillio] L, shorts, white/red/black
  • [Regulation] L, police gloves, black

(Other leather items in headgear section)

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Most of my Lycra is used for intended purposes too, I just have a lot more than I probably need.

Cycle and triathlon gear

  • [Castelli] L, Sanremo Thermosuit one-piece, orange/black
  • [Castelli] L, Velocissimo 2 jacket, grey/red
  • [Castelli] M, jersey, blue/black
  • [Castelli] M, jersey, white/red/blue
  • [Huub] XL, triathlon suit, blue/silver
  • [Castelli] M, triathlon suit, blue/green/black
  • [Aptonia] M, triathlon suit, blue/black
  • [Komraid] L, full summer kit + arm warmers, camo print/bright orange
  • [Komraid] L, full summer kit + arm warmers, pink/purple
  • [Huub] L, full summer kit, petrol/yellow/white/black
  • [Huub] L, long sleeve jersey, dark blue/orange
  • [Huub] L, jersey, white/red/blue
  • [La Passione] XL (M), full length jersey, orange/blue/white
  • [Madison] M, bib leggings, black
  • [Tenn] M, bib shorts, blue/black
  • [Team Sky] M, full long kit
  • [BTwin] M, 3/4 length bibs, black
  • [BTwin] M, bib shorts, black/orange
  • [BTwin] M, jersey, orange/black
  • [BTwin] M, bib shorts, blue/white
  • [BTwin] M, jersey, blue/white
  • [Funkier] M, jersey, carbon/red
  • [Giant/Shimano] ‘XXL’, bib leggings, black/white/blue
  • [Giant/Shimano] ‘XXL’, long sleeve jersey, black/white/blue

Base layer/compression

  • [Skins] M, long sleeve compression top, black/yellow
  • [Skins] M, short sleeve compression top, black/yellow
  • [Skins] M, compression leggings, black/yellow
  • [Sub] M, long sleeve compression top, black
  • [Sub] M, sleeveless compression vest, black
  • [Sub] M, compression leggings, black
  • [Nike] M, compression leggings, black/red
  • [RdX] M, compression shorts, black/white/red – white text
  • [RdX] M, compression shorts, black/white/red – red text
  • [Komraid] L, sleeveless vest, black/orange

Other Lycra

  • [Dainese] M, Team Pro downhill ski suit, silver/black/red
  • [Bar Code] M, wrestling singlet, red/white/blue-grey
  • [Adidas] M, swim trunks, black/white
  • [Adidas] M, weightlifting singlet
  • [Outtox] M, coated and perforated vest and leggings, black
  • [Mister S] M, reflector singlet, black/blue/silver
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Example text
Example text

  • [Huub] L, 5/3 Aerious II full triathlon suit, black/gold
  • [Huub] XL, 5/3 Archimedes IV full triathlon suit, black/red
  • [Quintana Roo] M, triathlon suit, black
  • [Gul] ML, ‘Hammer’ 4/3mm full length wetsuit, black/grey
  • [RDX] L, sauna suit, black/blue
  • [Huub] L, gloves, black/white
  • [Huub] L, wetsuit hood, black/white
  • [Huub] L, wetsuit boots, black/white
  • [Huub] L, half swim cap, black/white
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Example text
Example text

  • [Adidas] UK10.5, Super Samba leather, black/white
  • [Adidas] UK10.5, ZX 2K, blue/yellow
  • [Adidas] UK11, Forum mid-top leather, white/blue/tan
  • [Adidas] UK10.5, Forum mid-top, white/blue
  • [Adidas] UK10.5, boxing boots, blue/silver
  • [Adidas] UK10.5, Box Hog 3 boxing boots, red/black
  • [Adidas] UK10.5, Gazelle, black/white
  • [Adidas] UK11, Court Attitude Original Basketball shoes, teal/pink/black/grey
  • [Adidas] UK11, Court Attitude Original Basketball shoes, white/crimson
  • [Nike] UK10.5, Air 270, black/turquoise
  • [Nike] UK10.5, [forgot type], mid-top, red/white/black
  • [Nike] UK10.5, Air Max TW, blue/white
  • [Army issue] UK10.5, army boots 12 hole, black
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Example text
Example text

Bondage and Equipment
  • [Kee Systems] n/a, tubular bondage frame, HWD 2.0m x 2.3m x 0.9m (+ spare parts)
  • [F Machine] Pro 3 Fuck Machine, black
  • [Venus] 2000 Milker
  • [eBay] n/a, five-point sling, leather, black
  • [Fudge Builds] n/a, prototype full stockade, steel
  • [Parus] 4kg slave collar, steel
  • [Fetters] wrist manacles and connecting chain, steel
  • [Fetters] ankle manacles and connecting chain, steel
  • [MBL] pet crawler restraint, leather
  • [Regulation] locking head cage, steel
  • [handmade] suspension Harness, leather, black
  • [Regulation] suspension bar, steel
  • [unknown] n/a, Scavenger’s Daughter restraint, steel
  • [Blackstyle] MT, rubber sleepsack w/ double zips, black
  • [Regulation] M, rubber sub suit, black
  • [Libidex] M, rubber straitjacket, black
  • [665] L, neoprene sleepsack, dark grey
  • [RoB] M, Master Harness, black
  • [Fetish Freak] L, leather chest harness, black/blue
  • [Latex 101] M/L, rubber H harness, black/blue
  • [Regulation] n/a, locking 2″ rubber collar w/ three D rings, black
  • [Regulation] n/a, 3″ heavy rubber posture collar with D rings, black
  • [Mister S] n/a, Four buckle premium leather suspension cuffs, black
  • [Master U] M, padded leather wrist cuffs, black
  • [??] n/a, locking leather wrist cuffs, black
  • [??] n/a, leather ankle cuffs, black
  • [LAM] n/a, wrist/ankle cuff set
  • [Cuffed.at] reg, locking rubber wrist cuffs, black
  • [The Kinksters] n/a, locking padded pup mitts, black
  • [??] n/a, Velcro rigid metal wrist bar, silver
  • [RoB] n/a, arm binding straps, black
  • [Master U] various, leather Velcro binding straps
  • [DIY stores] chain – 1x 10mm (4m), 1x 10mm (3m), 1x 8mm (4m), 1x 4mm (5m), 1x 5mm (1m)
  • [DIY stores] padlocks, various, (x21)
  • [Ali Express] digital time lock (x3)
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Example text

Head gear

Hoods and masks

  • [StudioGUM] 44, DM1 custom mask with 10cm nose tubes, mouth filling gag, clear lense eyes with blindfold, 3mm rubber, zip entry, black
  • [StudioGUM] M2M (61/40), DM1 custom mask with 12cm nose tubes, mouth filling gag, no eyes, 3mm rubber, zip entry, black
  • [Regulation] L, Custom poppers delivery mask, no eyes, pecker gag, popper feeder tubes
  • [Regulation] L, double layer rubber hood, zip entry, black
  • [Regulation] L, anaesthesia hood, zip entry, black
  • [Latex 101] 2y/2y/3y, GP5 gasmask (x3)
  • [Blackstyle] GP5 eye covers
  • [Regulation] L, rubber hooded S10 gasmask, zip entry
  • [Latex 101] ?, Belgian firefighter gasmask
  • [Latex 101] ?, S10 gasmask
  • [Latex 101] ?, Russian parachutist gasmask w/ cheek filters
  • [Latex 101] XL, Rubber hood w/ eyes+mouth, zip entry, black
  • [Latex 101] XL, ‘Pegasus’ microperforated rubber hood, pull-on, blue/silver
  • [Blackstyle] L, urinal hood
  • [Blackstyle] one size, locking classic heavy dog hood, zip
  • [Master U] L, semi-lined leather hood w/pepperpot eyes+open mouth, lace-up
  • [Master U] M2M, fully lined hood as above
  • [Master U] M, fully lined cocksucker hood
  • [Mister S] M, neoprene cocksucker hood w/zip, black
  • [Various] standard gasmask hoses (x2)
  • [Various] standard gasmask filters (x3)
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Example text


  • [Fettered Pleasures] Full head locking leather muzzle/harness
  • [OxBalls] Watersports Gag (new style)
  • [??] Ballgag harness w/ interchangeable gags (solid ball/soft ball/pecker)
  • [Mister S] Lockable leather padded pecker gag, with locking front buckle
  • [Gear] Lockable silicon ring gag
  • [Regulation] Locking ‘killer gag’ with crank operated extending ballgag
  • [Regulation] Lockable choking ball gag with pecker extension
  • [Regulation(?)] Piss gag with latex sheath and tubing
  • [RoB] Rubber tube/O ring gag
  • [??]Half face leather muzzle/pecker gag
  • [Regulation] Lockable silicon ball gag
  • [Mister B]Lockable silicon bit gag
  • [??] Steel ratcheting Jennings gag

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Example text


(L – length / C – circumference)

  • [??] L? C6.75”, dog tail plug
  • [Regulation] L? C?, inflatable buttplug
  • [Lovehoney] L? C?, vibrating inflatable buttplug
  • [Lovehoney] deluxe mains powered vibrating wand
  • [Slubb] battery powered vibrating torture wand
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Example text
Example text



Cock and ball torture:

  • [Kink3D] Cobra Chastity Cage, S+
  • [50andDean] 8mm and 9mm urethral dilators, with curve
  • [MisterB] 6mm urethral dilator, straight
  • [Regulation] 11mm short urethral dilator, straight
  • [Regulation] 13mm short urethral dilator, straight
  • [Regulation] Princes Wand with silicon glans ring
  • [Titus] Princes Wand with glans ring
  • [LAM] urethral stretching device
  • [Master U] bespoke spiked leather cock sheath
  • [Mister B] 34mm diameter 40mm high ball stretcher, steel 700g
  • [Fettered Pleasures] spiked ball parachute
  • [Master Gauge] Premium vacuum cock pump
  • [The Kinksters] steel spiked torture chastity cage

Tit torture:

  • [LAM] Large Twist and sucks
  • [Expectations] clover clamps
  • [??] small clip clamps
  • [Lovehoney] deluxe adjustable bite nipple clamps


  • [??] cane
  • [Bondatrix] Soft leather flogger
  • [Regulation] Hard leather tawse
  • [Regulation] “Willy Whip”
  • [Regulation] riding crop
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Example text
Example text

Other stuff

Breath Control/Aromas:
[The Kinksters]Squeeze to breathe- gasmask regulator attachment
[Fetishak] (variety of BC/rebreathing equipment)
[Regulation] Poppers inhaler

[The Kinksters] Bubbler bottle

[The Kinksters] Poppers control tin/tubing

MX Gear:

[Fox] 2X Motocross Helmet, black/orange/silver

[Fox] M/L chest armour, black/orange

[Fox] L, gloves, black/orange/grey

[Fox] L, visor, black/orange

[Boxer Barcelona]L/XL tracksuit, black/red

[Boxer Barcelona]L tracksuit top, black/red
[Mr Riegilio] M tracksuit, black/orange/white

[Mr Riegilio] M tracksuit, grey/blue/black
[Regulation] L/XL, vinyl tracksuit, trans grey/red

Example text
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