SLDN #3- Kink Outdoors – Fetish in a Forest


Hello, and WELCOME to the outside, this is a video all about kink outdoors, so I thought I’d come back to my old local spot from back home, The Chevin. It’s a very forested hillside, with lots of quiet areas where I can do things like stand and talk to a camera about kink outdoors.

I’ve had many a fun encounter here over the years, and yeah, if you haven’t played outdoors before you’re missing out. As it’s getting warmer now and towards Summer, it’s the perfect time to play. Winter? Not so much.

So this video is all about how to use nature as your own natural bondage furniture, and just little tips like how not to get seen by everybody walking past, and just basically keeping safe, because if you’re anybody living in London you’re likely to be frigging miles away from home, so there’s a few things to bear in mind. So yeah, let’s have a little trek about and see what we can find.

The best trees for bondage

Welcome to another of my little play places, this tree is pretty much exactly the sort of thing when you’re out playing, that you’re looking for. What you’ve got is a very wide base, perfect for going around, you’ve got anchor points directly above you, perfect for [raises hands above head] sort of things. And you’ve got level ground, level ground is really important, because if your ground isn’t level and your boy slips then bad things can happen, depending on what tie you were doing at the time. You want to make sure there’s level footing and a decent sized tree. There’s no point in tying someone to a tiny one, it doesn’t work, you can bend it around and it’s not as good as a big full-on proper tree. It means there’s no reaching back around or anything like that, you’re stuck.

An extra bonus of this tree …[notices extra branch] it seems to have grown an extra bit since I was last year.. but an extra bonus of this particular tree is that directly opposite it is another tree. And this one is also thick enough for attaching things to, in this case, arms above your head and cock and balls tied to the tree. Works very well.

Things to bear in mind playing in rubber outdoors

There’s a few things to be aware of when you’re playing outside, if you’re wearing rubber it can be quite intense. If it’s very hot and you’ve got direct sunlight, while the person not wearing rubber may be fine, the person wearing rubber may be boiling and they won’t know and might well faint, and you don’t want that! So always keep tabs on them.

If it’s raining, as it is now, although I’m under cover at the moment so try use one with decent cover and you’ll be alright, but if it’s raining and you’re getting rain directly onto rubber that can cool down a boy very quickly and you don’t want to give him a chill. So always just make sure that if you’re playing in rubber, you warm him up from time to time. I’m sure there’s plenty of ways of doing that… but yeah, definitely making sure the ground is stable is a really important point.

Use the right trees for bondage

Also, never hang anybody from trees that aren’t stable enough or thick enough, this branch here was perfect because it’s actually two branches and it does hold your weight. These little twigs and stuff like that, you’ll only end up hurting somebody, or ruining a scene when they can just go [motions branch breaking easily] and break it.

Trees are fantastic bits of bondage furniture, and the great thing is that as well as providing you a thing to tie to, [examines tree branch with leaves] many trees once you strip these down make fantastic whips. There’s lots of different trees, where you get these saplings coming out of them and they make a good clean THWACK and I’m a big fan of those.

What should you take for an outdoor kink session?

Aside from a bit of rope you could quite possibly get through an entire scene with only using what’s around you, it’s like Bear Grylls for fetish. What you should bring with you: Bring rope, don’t bring chain. Unless you’re in some private woodland, people are going to hear chain. While talking and stuff like that, people aren’t going to listen to, the sound of clanking chains and spanking bottoms… it sticks out. So I’d stick to rope, this also means that if someone does come, you can quickly cut them out of it, so always bring a pair of safety scissors.

Don’t get lost, know where you are.

Always make sure you know where you are, I mean here obviously I know where I am, I’m up the hillside from my house, but if you’re in London and you’re travelling far and wide to try and find a decent place where you’re not going to be seen, if you don’t know where you are and something bad happens then well.. it’s obviously what could happen. Anything really.

Always take your phone when playing outside

Likewise, make sure you’ve got a phone signal. If anything bad happens you want to be able to phone people. Yeah, bringing a bit of a downer there, but BE SAFE. This isn’t your garden, this isn’t in your bedroom, you’re not next to a landline. You’re in the middle of fucking nowhere sometimes, and it’s really important to make sure that even 3, 5, 10 miles from home that you know where you are, and you know what you’re doing.

Alternatives to trees for bondage play

[Cuts to picnic table] It doesn’t need to be natural, this picnic table here… aged 19? 19. Tied to that, 2 o’clock in the morning, middle of summer, pouring rain. Fucking, FUCKING awesome. So yeah, if you can’t find a tree, that’ll do the job.

Sensory fetish play outdoors

Whether you’re tied to a picnic table, tied to a tree, playing in an old abandoned building, whatever you’re doing out here it’s very very calming, if you want it to be. I mean, aside from the sound of the chainsaw, just listening. That sound of the birds, and rain dropping on leaves and stuff… when you’re blindfolded, and you’re gagged, and you’re tied up nice and tight against something, and you can’t see anything and you can’t move anywhere, that sound when the Dom is saying nothing, is very very very calming.

So if they’re there, and they’re running their fingers down your chest or doing a bit of light play, or using ice, or anything like that, it’s incredibly incredibly intoxicating. Especially if you play a scene like that, and you follow up with tying them to that tree for example, facing the tree and fucking the shit out them, and then going back to another scene. It can be really really powerful.


So yeah, whether you like it rough and hard or gentle and at one with nature, get out here, it’s waiting for you. Make Summer the time you play away from your bedroom, away from your little toys and stuff and see what you can do out here. It’s a whole lot of fun.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video, and I’ll catch you again, probably inside, probably in London, probably in the dry, sometime soon.

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