New Year, New Site – Welcome to the new

So first and foremost, fuck 2020.

I was meant to get married, go on a honeymoon to Japan and see the Tokyo Olympics, I was meant to go on holidays, play with fun people, go to SO MANY good gigs, friend’s birthdays and weddings, and I haven’t seen my family in person since 2019. MAN.

With Christmas royally bollocksed up, I’ve had a frankly hilarious amount of spare time on my hands and an ever-decreasing amount of things I can responsibly fill it with.

After a week where I basically pickled myself and bgslave with a new hobby of making endless cocktails, I figured I should probably do something more productive.

Tasty and unapologetically boujie, but ultimately an unwise long-term hobby.

So here we are. After a good three or four previous iterations of this site that failed to engage me whatsoever, resulting in an average of around one post a year and nothing since 2018, I’ve gone all out. I’ve spent a lot of money, I’ve spent a lot of time, and I’m really bloody happy with how this site has turned out. And for the first time in god knows how long, I’m actually motivated to do something creative. YES.

I’ve even written a content calendar, my god. What the fuck have I become?

Well, whatever the answer is to that – I don’t hate myself yet, so let’s see how this goes.

So what’s the plan Switch, you awful excuse for a man?

Tumblr’s new CEO

My primary motivation (other than not having liver failure) for refreshing the site was to safeguard myself against a future where social media is increasingly listening to Helen Lovejoy.

As a result, I plan to post pretty much everything here. Blogs, videos, galleries, guides and even my stupid, stupid music. Twitter and Instagram will still be there for the chat, and the pics… but I’m planning to self-host everything, and make this site somewhere people actually choose to come.

It has never ceased to amaze me that over 20,000 of you follow me on Twitter, and another 1.5k+ on Instagram. I love sharing the things I do with you all, and feeling the love in return. Having such a platform feels a real privilege and I’ve always tried to use it for good, and have always resolved to keep it a hobby and never monetise it. The idea that my play or my thought processes would be driven by what is the most lucrative, and not the most enjoyable, is something I never want to happen.

So, as with everything else I do – this site will always be free to everyone. However, if you DO want to show your appreciation, this little page details a few ways you can help me out! The site DOES cost money to run, and gear DOES (sadly) cost a lot of money – and I will always be super grateful for anything I receive, but by no means is this my motivation.

All I ask is that if you want to share my work, please credit it!

As the site expands, I’d love to work with more friends and kinksters across the net- and also work with more of the brands I love. If you want to work together, whether on here or on Twitter – let me know!

For now, I just hope you enjoy the site. I’ve refreshed some old content, put up some new stuff and completely revamped how you can get around. Not to mention spent fucking HOURS screaming at CSS trying to get things the way I want them.

Keep checking back, it’s not going to be two years to the next post. I promise.


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