Fettered Pleasures: Restriction Hood

EDIT, FP has since sadly closed since this was written – but you can buy a functionally identical one from Regulation here:

Regulation rebreathe rubber hood

Fettered Pleasures: Restriction Hood

Fettered Pleasures Restriction Hood

Breath Control is a major fetish for me, I’ve been doing it years, and I’ve been doing it pretty damn intensely. Rubber is another major fetish for me, so it goes without saying that this hood is a personal favourite of mine.

The Restriction Hood is made from two thicknesses of rubber, both of which are not too thin that they will rip, and not too thick that they provide discomfort. The front panel is somewhat thinner than the hood itself, and for good reason… when you zip the hood on, and position the hood correctly (the two holes, whilst they look like they are for the nose, are in fact for the mouth) you will soon feel that thin rubber stretching across your face as you inhale.

The holes are deviously sized, clearly designed by someone who ‘gets’ BC. They are large enough that the air coming through them is enough to keep you going, but small enough that getting that air is pretty damn difficult. This is of course, part of the fun.

The zip of the hood comes with a zip-guard behind, a nice wide flap of rubber to stop your lovely locks from being trapped in the zip, which is never ever good, and ESPECIALLY not good if you need to get out of a hood like this in a hurry. I’ve used this hood loads, and thankfully have yet to get stuck in it, just be careful when zipping up that the edge of the rubber does not get caught either.

The hood is nicely contoured to fit snugly around the neck, ensuring that when you inhale there is no chance of the air coming in from anywhere but the two holes. When exhaling at any speed you will find that air escapes OUT down the neck, with a distinctly unsexy raspberry like noise. This is unavoidable though, you want the noise to stop? You want bigger air holes in the front. Which just defeats the point!

It is possible with a good bit of breathing discipline to keep the hood on without having to struggle, however it just takes one intervention by the Dom to make sure those noseholes don’t let the air in too easily! Anyway, the best way to wear it is to open your gob up wide and inhale and exhale heavily, letting the shaped rubber fit back into your gob and drag the air in through the holes.

The only thing I would say could be improved is the visibility in the hood. I like to really not know what’s going on, and whilst the hood obscures pretty much everything, it is still translucent enough to make out even complicated shapes.

This is a fantastic hood, I love it to bits, and you will too. JUST MAKE SURE YOU NEVER EVER USE IT ALONE.

Fettered Pleasures Restriction Hood:

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