Always Recycle: Playing With A Piss Gag

Watersports- Piss Recycling Yellow Recycle SymbolSometimes you wake up in the morning a little more horny than usual, today was one of those days. Primarily because I slept in a leather hood for much of the night. (I heartily recommend it, though I found myself coughing like hell because I wasn’t used to breathing through my mouth.)

My horny mind wandered towards a bit of kit that hasn’t seen any use in a very long time. Introducing my tube and sheath piss gag which you can buy from Expectations for £75 here. Unfortunately Expectations has since closed, but happily a shop called Rubber Eva does what appears to be an identical one for just £49.

solo piss recycling play with a tube and sheath piss gag
When I first got the gag I immediately found a problem with it, the sheath provided just wasn’t big enough for me to fit in [/brag]. Many fetish shops sell thick rubber sheathes with piss tubes which unfortunately have no space for your balls whatsoever.

So to remedy this, I cut the sheath off, leaving just a couple of centimetres of the end of the sheath remaining. I then bought some rubber glue and a much stretchier, more accommodating sheath, and bonded the end of one to the rest of the other.

Unfortunately due to the stretchier nature of the new sheath, I find that rather than travelling up the tube, the sheath would instead stretch. This means that to use it successfully, there should not be a large upward height difference between source and destination. Simply put, lie in the bath.


So back to this morning. As most people know, morning piss is the strongest piss you’ll get. As @justjasper93 on Twitter put it ‘Morning pee is like death pee!’ It takes a pretty diehard fan of watersports to enjoy the dark evil that comes out of a cock in the morning. …or an overly horny boy who isn’t thinking straight. Hello.

A quick squirt of lube into the sheath, a bit of genital rearrangement later, and the sheath is on. In goes the gag, pulled to the tightest setting (of course), and yup. Instant erection.

Erections are the eternal paradox of piss play. You’re about to piss on a guy, it’s really fucking horny, and you’re hard as a rock. What’s really hard to do when you’re hard as a rock? Piss. It takes practice, and some mental rewiring to overcome the issue.

I manage to get a bit softer, and clamber into the bath. The bath is always the best place for piss play, anything spills and you just end up in it instead. Horny. Laying on my back, I prepare myself and push to begin. Nothing.

A mixture of the nerves of excitement, and the angle means that pissing is fucking difficult to do when laying on your back. Again, it’s something that requires practice. After years of pissing at urinals and on toilets, your body gets a bit confused when you suddenly decide that this time you’re going to go to the toilet on your back with your legs in the air. It locks down your bladder and asks you:

‘Are you SURE you really want to do that? I don’t think you want to do that… I mean, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?!’


Shut up brain. You don’t know me. So, you decide to fool it. Stand up, and assume the urinal position. It’s likely that nerves are still making you unable to go. That and your brain has cottoned on to the fact that something isn’t quite right. ‘Hey. HEY YOU. Don’t think I can’t see where that tube is heading. BAD. BAD.’ Shut your eyes, and just think of pissing. Don’t think of drinking it, just think of pissing.

This same technique is useful when a nubile young slave boy is knelt underneath you looking at you with big wide sleazy eyes waiting to get drenched. Your brain is screaming ‘PERVERTED MONSTER, THAT’S NOT A TOILET.’ Brain knows nothing, of course he’s a toilet. ‘Hey toilet, you ready?’ ‘Yes sir’. SEE BRAIN? SEE? Fuck you.

It takes quite some time to get going for many people, as you feel it approaching the end of your cock, you have to fight your body which is trying to stop you making a mess everywhere… eventually you’ll reach the point of no return. As this happens, lie back down and prepare yourself for a not particularly refreshing beverage.

Here goes…

As the tube starts to fill, I wank with one hand and toy with my nipples with the other. Then it hits, the first piss gushes over my tongue. JESUSFUCKINGCHRISTTHAT’SSTRONG. An instant blast of salt and acrid flavours overwhelms my senses, I manage to swallow one mouthful, and then choke on the second.

The piss pours out of my mouth around the gag, and over my chest. Here comes a fun property of morning piss that you just don’t get later in the day to the same degree. It’s oily, really really oily. Like, lubricant oily. And it’s perfect for rubbing over yourself as the tube continues to fill your mouth.

The great thing with this gag is that once you manage to swallow what’s in your mouth, the rest can shoot into your mouth straight to the back without really hitting your tongue. This means that the strong flavour isn’t registered anywhere near as badly as normal.

This means that in the past I’ve been able to glug down the whole lot in a morning. Not this morning though, this morning it’s part swallow, part pour over self.

It’s fucking intense, the bath becomes totally slick, and piss is everywhere. As the flow stops, sucking on the gag shoots more up the pipe like a straw. Morning horn gets the better of me, and boom. Sleazy morning orgasm. Good times.

The Aftermath

After the play and the gag is removed, the flavours in the mouth mellow. I had a Stella Artois Cidre last night, and I could swear I could taste the apples… bizarre, but flavour of piss can be manipulated just as flavour of cum can be.

Of course, morning piss is not recommended as anybody’s first time. Not now, not ever. It’s just hideous, pungent, acrid and not something most would want to wake up to. Instead, prepare yourself with a day drinking water. Go to the toilet a couple of times before you decide to become the toilet. By the time you play, the piss will resemble warm water… but the horniness of what it really is will still make your session horny as fuck.

Don’t waste your morning piss though, try laying in the bath and doing it over yourself. The oily nature of it really is pretty horny to play in. Take a taste if you dare, but be warned!

So whether you want to buy yourself a horny gag (which of course can be used by your Dominant too!) or just lay on your back and replicate those filthy tumblr pictures of men pissing in their own mouthes (fun target practice) give it a try. If you hate it, spit it out!

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