REVIEW: Puppy and Dog Tail Buttplugs from Full On Fetish

EDIT: Sadly Full On Fetish has closed since the posting of this review 6 years ago, and the London Fetish Fair has also been on indefinite hiatus – but I am keeping it up as a general blog about pup stuff. If you want an incredibly comfortable pup tail – check out the Bon4 pup tail at Fetish Freak

I’ve always had a thing for pup stuff. Now, I don’t personally identify primarily as a pup, and leave the plodding around on club floors and the fascination with chocolate buttons to my more committed four legged friends. However I do have a side to my subspace through which puppyish tendencies emerge. I love curling up next to Sir and being stroked, and enjoy being in the cage in my mitts with a chew toy to attack. I’m a private pup, and up until recently I was a private pup without a tail.

Puppy Tail and Dog Tail from Full On Fetish
I own two sizes of the tails from Full On Fetish, I bought my first tail at the London Fetish Fair some time ago. When I bought it my eyes were clearer a LOT larger than my arse, because there is no way that bugger is going to fit!

The Full On Fetish Dogtail- For Big Dogs Who Need A Big Tail

At £40 at the Fair (£44.89 on the website), such a large tail plug is extremely good value, and while I can’t get it in, it’s clearly well made and for those with a more accommodating posterior, it looks very comfortable. The tail is thick, and has a great shape to it, which will proudly stick out of any dogboy’s backside.

The spec for the Dogtail:


  • Height: 31cm
  • Diameter: 7cm
  • Circumference: 21cm

The Full On Fetish Puppytail – Cute and Comfortable For A Pert Arsed Puppy

Thankfully the other week I saw the stall again, and saw a smaller ‘medium’ sized plug, known as the Puppytail, which is an absolute steal at £35 (£39.99 on the website)! With a girth around the same as my larger than average toys, but without exceeding them, I knew this I one would fit.

SwitchLDN in the Puppytail from Full On Fetish.
And fit it did! Even with no training beforehand, I managed to get it in with a bit of a push and a lot of lube. Once it was in I looked in the mirror And for the first time ever, wagged. And it was AWESOME.


  • Height: 33cm
  • Diameter: 5cm
  • Circumference: 16.5cm

The medium tail is quite floppy when it comes to the join with the plug itself, as a result it hangs down fairly low when in, as seen in the pic. This presents a nice effect when on all fours! If you’re wearing it with a rubber suit on, be careful of the zips! The softer material can get chewed up in the teeth of the zips if they’re pulled tight to it. The plus side of it being so floppy is that it’s also very waggable! It is a longer, thinner tail than on the Dog Tail.

The plugs themselves are a great shape, they (the smaller one at least!) slides in nicely with a good increase in girth, with no uncomfortably quick changes in size. The flaring and the base of the plug are excellently shaped, and I tested this with a good tug, and found that the tail was going nowhere!

For colourful puppies who find a black tail isn’t what you’re after, you can buy a red version on the website for just £3.50 more in either size!

Victoria at Full On Fetish is a lovely lady, and her stall is full of all sorts of great stuff for both men and women. If you can’t get down to the London Fetish Fair, check out her site here. She’s in the process of sorting out a new site, but the current site is fully functional, albeit not that pretty right now!

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