Introducing #lockedbyswitch

As those of you who follow Twitter may know, I am currently long-term locked under the control of a remote keyholder friend that I have known for many years.

Around a month ago, he introduced me to as a new way for him to have control over me – and it’s opened me up to a whole new chastity experience. One that is incredibly frustrating, challenging and a lot of fun.

A screenshot showing the recent history on Chaster app, having rolled the dice and won six hours, while previously the wheel was turned to receive a task stating that 15 minutes HIIT was to be carried out wearing PVC
Example screen showing recent lock history

After a few weeks on the platform, I have come to realise how much fun it is to control random people who decide to join the locks I have shared with the community.

I now want to extend this out to you. I know there are loads of you out there, craving control, but without a keyholder to give it to you. So…

Give me your dicks.

Using the chaster web app on iPhone

Through use of my carefully designed locks, even without a huge amount of intervention on my part- you can be throughly controlled, frustrated and enjoy submitting to my fiendish ways.

I have set up a whole new page on the website, which will populate with new lock options as I design them. For now though, go check out the small handful I’ve created already. If one of them appeals, I will look forward to seeing your username appear in my little harem of caged and cucked boys.

For those who are especially daring – you can ‘trust your keyholder’ – normally, I can only change a small number of things on a given lock after someone locks into it. Turning this on gives me unlimited access to fuck you up to a whole new level.

Or be nice. Maybe.

Go check out the new Locked by Switch section here

Now… back to my list. How many extra hours do I fancy landing on this guy… choices choices…


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