Bye bye Tumblr – A few thoughts and my top ten pics

Little else has been talked about on ‘Kink Twitter’ for the last few days, and if you haven’t heard the news yet then I’m frankly impressed. Basically, from December 17th Tumblr is banning all adult content. If you hadn’t noticed, my Tumblr is quite adult – so it’s goodbye from me.

It’s been on the cards for ages, but it still kinda sucks that the day has finally come. I might not have used Tumblr as much as I was active on Twitter, but I’ve had plenty of eye-strain inducing, poppers scented late night liaisons with my iPad. I don’t enjoy filmed porn.. I dislike dialogue, I dislike plots, and I dislike the fakeness that runs through it all. Amateur photos of guys in extremely horny predicaments? Much better.

I can’t say I’ll miss it as much as other people who were actively involved in the communities that existed on Tumblr. I’m very much the guy that comes on, uploads some pics from a session, then fucks off for a month til the day he really fancies a horny wank and reblogs 8 billion breath control and mummification photos. To say it has any deeper value to me would be lying… but as a place to find hot content, it was great – and I’ve had some lovely messages from people over the years too.

I’m keeping my Tumblr up til the day we all get our content wiped – so feel free to visit and download the feed using one of the various tools kicking around such as TumblThree

On downloading everything I had a browse through, and thought it’d be fun to see what my top posts were. So here’s the top 10 since I started my blog over 7 years ago (the captions don’t fully show on mobile – sorry n’ all)

I will continue to post pics of stuff on Twitter and on this site, which I plan to actually do something with now… famous last words.

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